Forget sitting on a stationary bike going nowhere or lying on your back waving your legs in the air, Skifitness.tv offers a step-by-step 3-5 month periodised conditioning programme. Designed for a first time skier or seasoned athlete to easily follow and achieve amazing results.


Workshop dates announced


Pain Teacher


10 Days in Chamonix


Go with the flow


Intensity vs Density


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Professionalise your ski fitness training with the latest training techniques and theory.

Have fun, be time efficient and dramatically improve your performance on the slopes. This step-by-step 3-5 month periodised conditioning programme is designed for a first time skier or seasoned athlete to easily follow and achieve amazing results.

A periodised conditioning programme takes you much further than just trying to get fit doing ‘ski specific’ circuits, better still, it gets you much fitter for skiing than… just skiing. This is because it identifies weaknesses in your chain of movements and strengthens them. The programme starts by building a core base, strengthening key muscles, improving power and only them moving on to the ski specific endurance exercises you probably know.

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Ski Myths – True or False?

False: If you were only going to do one type of training, strength training would be best. Downhill skiing is mostly a power/endurance sport and lack of muscle strength and stability ‘haemorrhages’ aerobic energy.
False: Pilates is a fantastic system designed for professional dancers to rehabilitate their back by working the muscles without the ‘axial load’ (spinal pressure from gravity) of dancing. Pilates is rehabilitation and is only useful if you need early stage rehabilitation for your back. Many people do need this but, make the mistake of not progressing their training back to being ‘normal’ standard. They then compound this by not further progressing, with the addition of ‘axial load’, to the high performance needed for sliding down a steep, slippery mountain.
False: Again these are rehabilitation exercises only useful if you cannot function or ‘squat’ to ‘normal’ human being standard. Progression is the key.
False: Stationary cycling might work the thigh muscles but, not in the way they work for skiing. This means they will actually be ‘relatively weaker’ for skiing because they are ‘relatively stronger’ in a sitting down position – not using the core, not using balance, not keeping the knee alignment, not at the right angle…
False: You cannot ever exactly replicate a day or weeks skiing in a class format. Ski fitness classes tend to work endurance not strength. A class format is not tailored to your unique needs and so it will also exacerbate the weak links in your ‘movement chain’.
False: When skiing you will actually get progressively weaker and more susceptible to injury because you won’t have enough rest. It also exacerbates weak links in the chain and will do this increasingly the more tired you get. For example, the body is very clever and will ‘work around’ weak muscles but, if your core is relatively weak, the joints, such as the knee, will take more of the strain. When joints do more work than muscles injury is only a matter of time.
False: You might lose weight but, you will not lose body fat. If you reduce calories you will have less energy available for skiing and your body will start to store energy as fat ‘for emergency use only’. You will also burn, use up, muscle and dehydrate accounting for any weight loss but, you will have more body fat and less energy to do anything about it!
True: Fun, fresh air and a very functional exercise with very few biases to human alignment i.e. in line with the way the body is designed to move through 4 million years of evolution.
False: Surprising your feet work very hard when you are skiing.  Weak feet are the main cause of boot pain.  Strengthen your feet and lower legs by training barefoot or in minimalist/un-supporting shoes.
True: Always good advice!


Workshop dates announced

June Jun, 2017|0 Comments

Ski Fitness, the snowsport specific, physical conditioning assessment and programming company, have announced the weekend of 16th/17th September 2017 for its first series of ski fitness workshops taking place in Surrey. Performance Director, Ollie Martin […]

Pain Teacher

March Mar, 2017|0 Comments

The pain teacher is one of the best teachers I’ve met. Do not mess around, daydream, or skip her classes or you’ll never reach your full potential, resulting in, ’Could do better’ reports all round!

Even […]

10 Days in Chamonix

March Mar, 2017|0 Comments

Day 1 – drove overnight from London, arrive in 1 metre of fresh snow, most of Chamonix areas closed apart from from Les Houches, so skied there. Freshtracks all day but getting heavy with the […]

Go with the flow

February Feb, 2017|0 Comments

Skiing used to be about perfecting technique so that it could be imposed on the mountain regardless of differing terrain. This domination the mountain, consisted of beautiful, dinky little linked-turns, Parisian bottom wiggles and endless […]


Ski Fitness Book

The Ski Fitness book is an important accompaniment to the videos and vice versa. The book includes detailed schedules for programming and exercises details including sets, reps, rest, tempo, intensity, why you are doing the exercises, pictures and detailed technique descriptions. The book also includes a ‘success info’ chapter that gives you all the knowledge to help you get the most out of your training.

Purchase book on Amazon

Biomechanical Assessment & Personalised Programme

2.5hrs at Skifitness.tv performance facility in Redhill, Surrey RH1 4QP

Assessment (1.5hrs): Heart rate variability analysis (HRV), CHEK Posture, Core & Back, Movement Screening, Body Composition, Nutritional Assessment, Physiological Load.

Programming: The in-depth assessments give a truly personalised programme that ensures you achieve the results you are looking for.   It will include periodised progressions.

Coaching Session (1hr): technique is everything when implementing the programme.  This hour will teach you how to perform the programme correctly with regressions and progressions to ensure optimum results.

Price £290

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Maverick Slackline 15m

If you’ve read the Ski Fitness book and seen the videos, it’s time for you to buy a slackline. Its amazing for ski training – core strength, single leg strength, balance but also fantastic fun. The Maverick Slackline is a super strong, high quality slackline that’s highly addictive and accessible for everyone.
To set up the slackline, all you need are two trees. It’s highly portable, you can take it anywhere, in the garden, in the park, at the beach, on holiday… ‘a gym in your rucksack’.

Spec: 15m long x 50mm wide, maximum load 4 tonnes, fully tested to European standards, easy to set up and take down.

In the box: 15m slackline, ratchet, slackline bag, set-up guide.

Price: £55

Skifitness Workshops

For ski instructors, fitness instructors, personal trainers, physiotherapists, sports therapists, skiers, snowboarders and anyone wants to learn the latest strategies in snowsports conditioning.

First and foremost you will learn how to dramatically improve your own fitness but will also be given the tools to coach others.

Two one day workshops

  • Conditioning for Snowsports
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle for Snowsports

Dates: 16th & 17th September 2017

Venue: Takeshape Health, Dairy Biz Pk, Brewer Street, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 4QP, UK

Investment: from £150 per workshop

More info


An amazing conditioning tool for skiers. Core strength, balance and agility, joint strength, proprioception, injury prevention, mental focus and fun! CoolBoard on the ball gives full movement – rock or tilt, and roll or slide in all directions at once. It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of as you learn and your body develops – which is good for you.

Most people find getting the hang of it takes using it a couple of times a day for 5 – 10 minutes over 2 to 5 days. Once you do get the hang of CoolBoard it is always fun and addictive to get back on. This means it will get far more use for far longer, giving you far more benefits.

CoolBoard provides a solid platform with our cleverly shaped ring on the underside that limits the movement, stopping the board from rolling right off the ball. CoolBoard is made to a very high standard by hand in Bristol, UK. CoolBoard is machined from high quality birch ply. It is finished in 4 layers of durable varnish so that it will keep its good looks for many year of use. CoolBoard is designed to be a pleasure to own as well as extremely functional. All materials are environmentally friendly wherever possible.

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About Us

Train smarter, not harder

Skifitness.tv was set up by performance coach and passionate skier, Ollie Martin:

After skiing with many people I realised that they were not achieving their full potential on the slopes because of a lack of coherent information on high-performance ski training and in particular lack of knowledge on periodisation, the training effect and recovery.

Ollie is a sports scientist, a CHEK Practitioner and has 25 years of experience coaching athletes. He played semi-professional rugby union, is a Ski Club GB ‘Gold’ skier and spends much of his time ‘playing’ in the Alps. Author of ‘Uncommon Sense: A Practical Guide to Health, Weight Loss & Vitality’ and ‘Ski Fitness’, Ollie is based at his assessment and performance facility, in Surrey, UK.

Ski Fitness Book

SkiFitness: ski like a hero


I wrote this book because I do not believe stationary cycling and Pilates will benefit your skiing as much as you hope it will. As far as I’m aware skiing, performed correctly, is neither sitting down or lying on your back and don’t even get me started on a squat with a ball behind your back!

Fitness is very specific – you get what you train for. The winner of the Tour de France may be the fittest man on the planet but, he could not win the London Marathon and probably could not even ski down the Hahnenkamm let alone win it.

I am a passionate skier and believe that a bit of smart training beforehand can dramatically improve your fun. I have put together a comprehensive ski specific training programme that you can follow easily whatever your level. Furthermore, the detailed instructions, progressions and enhancements will enable you to tailor it to your individual needs.

I have fine-tuned this over 20 years of training top athletes, obese couch-potatoes, children, septuagenarians and all those in-between. Yes, there might be some good ‘ski specific’ exercises left out of the programme but, trying do them all creates a poor programme. Rather than lots of exercises that try and replicate the skiing movements I have put together a periodised conditioning programme. A periodised conditioning programme takes you much further than just trying to get fit doing ‘ski specific’ circuits. Better still, it gets you much fitter for skiing than… just skiing. This is because it identifies weaknesses in your chain of movements and strengthens them. The programme starts by building a core base, strengthening key muscles, improving power and only them moving on to the ski specific endurance exercises you probably know.


Section 1 Introduction

The Holy Trinity of Ski Performance
The 3 secrets to Ski fitness success
The Periodised Programme
Exercise descriptions – The Why
Outdoor/home alternative
Ski Fitness Myths – True or False

Section 2 The Programme

How to use the programme
Ski Aspirations
Self Assessment
Phase Fun (1)
Warm-ups & Cool downs
Phase 2 – Core Rehabilitation
Phase 3 – Functional Strength
Phase 4 – Power & Single Leg Strength
Phase 5 – Power Endurance Circuits
Phase 6 – Advanced Power/Endurance Plyometrics
Recovery Programme
Stretching Programme

Section 3 Exercise, Description & Pictures

Section 4 Success Information

Stimulus: Response

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We currently have a sponsorship opportunity for snow sports athletes to receive assessment, programming and conditioning support from the team at skifitness.tv – contact us if you would like to apply.

Bethany Widdup

British Alpine U21 Ski Team

Bethany is our model for the Skifitess book and videos. She started skiing at the age of 4 and took part in the occasional fun race. Gradually from the age of 13 she started to take part in competitions progressing through local, regional and international races. She won her age category in most of the key UK competitions and finished in the top 3 within all age categories. She races in Europe and has gradually reduced her World Ranking in both Slalom and Giant Slalom.


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