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Female Performance Training

Female Performance Training By Ollie Martin & Gemma Pilkington   Some Benefits of High Performance Training Improved sports performance  Better posture  Optimal/healthy weight Improved bone density Better pelvic floor  Better body image Increased self confidence Fun and social However, many of the high performance training protocols having been developed for men. Considerations Forward head posture [...]

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Periodisation – 3-5 month training time

Start now! “Periodisation is all about maximising the results of training. By effectively varying the timing and intensity of workouts, athletes will achieve the greatest gains in strength, speed, power and endurance.” – Tudor Bompa, Olympic Coach & Periodisation Expert The main reason for the skifitness programme and the key to your success is the concept [...]

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At SkiFitness we use the FITLIGHT Trainer for speed and agility assessment, training and monitoring. Agility & Speed for Skiing: Enhanced Reaction and Response Time Improved speed, agility, stamina, conditioning, coordination and visual cognitive processing functions Sports performance analysis to track and monitor athlete’s development and provide real-time feedback Easy to analyze data for the [...]

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Neutral Spine Philosophy

Neutral spine training ensures the optimal instantaneous axis of rotation around the spinal joints for better posture, function, abdominal tone, resistance to injury, strength and performance. Optimal pull from muscles in ‘balance’ with each other results in no disruption of the instantaneous axis of rotation and therefore no significant trauma to the joint. Neutral spine [...]

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If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right

If fitness conditioning is fun you will know you are doing it right.  You will be challenging yourself but not hurting or injuring yourself.  Play ensures adherence and leads to mastery.  Enjoy! Coolboard, slacklining, rocks, ropes, TRX, logs, bars, tractor tyres, balls, tree climbing...

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You do not get the benefits of training from the training. You get the benefits of training from the recovery afterwards. Training is simply a stimulus for the body to respond to. Training actually breaks down the muscle, injuring and micro-tearing the muscle fibres. The intensity you train at and the current state your body [...]

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Ski Specific Stretching Generally I would recommend a postural assessment to find out your long muscles and find out your short muscles before starting a ski fitness training programme. If you think of your body as a bicycle wheel, the aim is to make sure the spokes are all the right length: not too short [...]

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Core & Back Strength

“a bad back is a weak core” Rather than use the terms core stability or back care I’d rather talk about the strength of both. There is nothing wrong with caring for your back or a stable core but it gives the wrong impression of how the body really works. The best core exercises are [...]

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Biomechanical & Physiological Assessment

by Amy Marwick If skiing is important to you and if, like me, it’s part of your career, then it’s likely your body and your health is important to you too. After taking a season out and doing a lot of yoga, I realised I needed to get back into ski shape for the upcoming [...]

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Olympic Lifting

     Pros improves strength, power, acceleration, speed = sports specific very functional (centre of gravity, base of support, inner and outer core integration, motor patterns) = human specific great assessment tool good training in pre and early season great for fat loss Cons trains one plane of motion the saggital (forward and backward) and not [...]

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