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Come & see us at the London Ski Show

Thursday 27th - Sunday 30th October at Battersea Park Come see us on Stand / Outside Chalet 5 (OC5) for: Free 3 point assessment Fitness tips and injury specific advice Book sales Coolboard trial

2017-11-05T12:19:03+00:00 October Oct, 2016|

Barefoot Training

Even though your feet are in rigid ski boots when you are skiing, your feet do a surprising amount of work. Strong, supple, intuitive feet are an essential part of high-performance skiing. Cushion your feet in foam (i.e. normal trainers) when you are training and you will ‘dull the senses’ and train your feet to [...]

2017-11-05T12:19:03+00:00 September Sep, 2016|

Eat Better – Fuel Your Recovery

Do you know how many calories you burn a day when skiing? The average is 3000 calories per day – but who’s average? I know I can use 5000 calories on a day’s skiing. Do not think of calories in terms of weight loss, think of calories in terms of performance. Calories make little difference [...]

2017-11-05T12:19:04+00:00 March Mar, 2016|

Independent article

Ski Fitness gets a mention in Ellis Ross' article in The i, 'Shape Up for the Slopes' http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/skiing/get-fit-for-the-ski-slopes-not-only-will-it-improve-your-skiing-ability-it-will-also-reduce-the-a6892821.html

2016-02-29T13:25:16+00:00 February Feb, 2016|

10 Days Skiing & 7 Resorts

The 5 month Ski Fitness programme has been developed mainly over 12 years of training people for one-off trips and my own training for similar one-off trips. Any more skiing is a bonus but most people have one big one they need to get fit for. This brings its challenges because you have to prepare [...]

2017-11-05T12:19:04+00:00 February Feb, 2016|

Skinning up the piste

In recent years I have noticed an increase in people skinning up the piste under perfectly good lifts.  I always wondered whether they were cheapskates not wanting to buy a lift pass, fitness freaks or just nutters.  Like lots of unknown or untried activities, I have been through the thought process of ‘disinterest', 'must be [...]

2017-11-05T12:19:04+00:00 January Jan, 2016|

Telegraph article

Skifitness featured in Telegraph article http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/snowandski/features/12043831/Get-ski-fit-without-hitting-the-gym.html?fb_ref=Default

2015-12-18T11:43:08+00:00 December Dec, 2015|

Ski & Snowboard Show 2015 review

This year the London’s Ski & Snowboard Show has a new home in Battersea Park. Keen to see this outdoor/indoor venue I went along to see what was happening. Fitness related stuff Firstly, the skiers and boarders on the big kicker, Mount Battersea. Fantastic athleticism and the youngest was only 10! SkiA – Sweetspot Ski [...]

2017-11-05T12:19:04+00:00 November Nov, 2015|