Even though your feet are in rigid ski boots when you are skiing, your feet do a surprising amount of work. Strong, supple, intuitive feet are an essential part of high-performance skiing. Cushion your feet in foam (i.e. normal trainers) when you are training and you will ‘dull the senses’ and train your feet to be weaker than your body.

The bane of a skier’s life is boot pain. If your feet are comfy in the shop but painful after a few hours on the slope, it is most likely a deconditioned foot that is your problem, not the boot.

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It may seem counter-intuitive, but exercising/moving (including running) barefoot is more efficient and puts less impact through the body than wearing shoes or trainers.

Barefoot exercise brings the following benefits:

– strengthens intrinsic foot musculature
– maximises biomechanical performance
– enhances proprioception (perception of your body)
– optimises balance and prevents falls
– enhances running efficiency
– facilitates venous return resulting in decreased blood pressure
– decreases ankle sprains
– loweres risk of shin splints
– minimises back pain
– diminishes risk of bunions

I recommend all training is (in order of benefit):

Vibram Fivefingers
Minimalist shoes (zero heel drop) such as Vivo Barefoot
Cheap flimsy plimsoles/trainers


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