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“Periodisation is all about maximising the results of training. By effectively varying the timing and intensity of workouts, athletes will achieve the greatest gains in strength, speed, power and endurance.”
Tudor Bompa, Olympic Coach & Periodisation Expert


The main reason for the skifitness programme and the key to your success is the concept of periodisation. This basically means starting at the correct level for you and steadily progressing in complexity, hardness (intensity) and ski- specificity. Most skiers start their ski-specific training somewhere in the middle in terms of complexity and hardness. They then complete the same programme week after week for the whole ski training period and they do this year after year!

However, I’m sorry to say there are no actual any ski-specific exercises and there is certainly not one ski-specific programme. Instead, by following the skifitness programme, we endeavour to condition the body to be fitter, stronger, more aligned, injury-proof and powerful in order to deal with the many and varied rigours a ski holiday throws at the body. We do this by a undertaking a number of different phases of exercise for a period of time – say four to six weeks – each with differing objectives but, generally progressing in terms of hardness and complexity. This is periodisation.

The skifitness programme has the following periodised phases:

Phase 1 – Fun
Phase 2 – Core Rehabilitation
Phase 3 – Functional Strength
Phase 4 – Power & Single Leg Strength
Phase 5 – Power Endurance Circuits
Phase 6 – Advanced Power/Endurance Plyometrics

Note: You do not always progress in a linear fashion: it is normally a case of three steps forward, one step back to ensure no ligament or tendon is left behind and that you are not over-training. In this programme, we have sample schedules and recovery circuits to help you achieve this.

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