This year the London’s Ski & Snowboard Show has a new home in Battersea Park. Keen to see this outdoor/indoor venue I went along to see what was happening.

Fitness related stuff

Firstly, the skiers and boarders on the big kicker, Mount Battersea. Fantastic athleticism and the youngest was only 10!

SkiA – Sweetspot Ski Trainer (
Interesting balance trainer that helps centre your gravity for skiing. Differing sizes of blocks attach to shoe or ski boots for differing levels of ability.

Skiers Edge (
‘A non-impact, lateral ski fitness machine.’ As it is an aerobic indoor machine, it’s not high on my list of recommendations.

Ski Mojo (
A power assisted skiing brace. I’m generally not a fan of too much support because if you support something for too long it gets weaker. But if it helps you do and enjoy more skiing, it could be great for you.  Although, I’m sure a few core/muscle activation exercises, coupled with some weight loss would be better.

Other stuff I liked

Poleplant (
Bamboo ski poles. Loved these and I will definitely buy a pair.


Snow Shepherd (
Fantastic, great value, ‘lifty’ gloves. I bought another pair to add to last years. They also do great skis and off-piste stuff.

P1020210  P1020209

Telltales (
‘Purveyors of handmade animal tales’. I bought a tail for the kids last year. This year I had to have one!

Worst bit of the show


Only joking I thought it was funny.

There were lots of resorts and tour operators to whet the appetite for the winter ahead. It wasn’t in half-term this year, so I didn’t have the children and there didn’t seem as much in previous years to engage the children (no ice-rink, no ski-slope, no balance/surf machines, no snowboard obstacle course). It was geared more to the adult après scene with high-end food, comedy tent, DJ’s and bars.

Overall, I love the ski show, I’m sure mainly due the anticipation of the coming season.

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