Skiing is one of the best sports for total mind and body wellbeing because it’s:

1. Fun
If an activity is not fun it’s unlikely to be good for you and you are unlikely to stick to it for long – look at all those lapsed gym memberships!

2. Social
Fundamentally we thrive in ‘tribe’ environments (imagine a golfer getting a hole in one on their own).

3. Outside
Fresh air and vitamin D deficiency from lack of sunlight are causing an increasing health problems for an indoors generation.

4. Natural Movement
Unlike a sport such as cycling which causes major postural imbalances (rounded shoulders), skiing uses natural human movements creating a stronger and healthier body.

5. Beautiful natural surroundings
Biophilia – the phrase coined for the health benefits of us humans reconnecting with nature.

6. Cross generations, sexes and abilities

Groups of men, women and children can all enjoy a days /weeks skiing together.  Some of the most fun I have had is skiing with three generations (and have heard of four generations skiing together).  Stronger abilities can take harder routes down the mountain, ski faster and still meet at the bottom.  Standing on the touchlines is not healthy, playing together is.


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