Four days at the ski show last weekend went by in a whirlwind of thousands of people most of whom had a go on our CoolBoards!  Friday was a 12 hour marathon, not finishing until 10pm.  There was a great ‘apres-ski’ party atmosphere which was great fun but not always the best environment to talk about fitness – with a beer & burger in hand!

IMG_1066 IMG_2092

The ski fitness team including my daughters and their cousins and friends made a big impact on the show, although they collected more stickers and freebies than anyone else.  Pictured below with the Old School Ski Company (OOSC) jackets and headbands and Zermatt sunglasses!

IMG_1130 IMG_1139

The book went down very well, especially with ski instructors, who were not only looking to improve their fitness but also help their clients keep progressing through a whole week of instruction.  Many people seem to stop learning after mid-week because they get just too tired.  A key feature of ski fitness is to inject some intelligence into your training – as the t-shirt says:  train smarter, not harder.


Graham Bell was a couple of stands down with his Skiers Edge training machine and came onto our stand to try the coolboards – picture below:


Mount Battersea – the big ski jump – was a great draw – just by our outside chalet.  The weather was warm, sunny and dry all weekend – not sure if anyone would have come and seen us if it was cold and wet.

IMG_1103 IMG_1172 IMG_2106

A great ‘whet of the appetite’ for the coming season!

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