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1. Skifitness Presentation


A whole athlete approach – physical, nutritional, mental and emotional – to being an elite athlete.  Includes seasonal periodisation, optimal training curves, sport specific biomotor abilities, nutrition and daily readiness assessment.  A myth-busting presentation by Ollie Martin on high performance ski fitness conditioning.


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2. Conditioning for Snowsports Athletes

4 hour workshop

A workshop tailored to your teams needs but focusing on the latest scientific research and the whole athlete – physical, nutritional, mental and emotional.  Includes individual testing, olympic lifting, neutral spine philosophy, nutritional presentation, FITLIGHT trainer (speed & agility), periodisation, the training effect, recovery strategies and sport specific biomotor abilities review.



3. Nutrition & Lifestyle for Snowsports Athletes

4 hour workshop

As important, if not more important, for high performance is recovery, nutrition and lifestyle. This is a challenging, myth-busting workshop that will change your mindset and your body. Each attendee will devise a personalised programme for themselves and be given the tools and materials to coach clients.

  • Recovery strategies
  • De-bunking nutrition myths
  • Devising personalised diet plans
  • Sleep and circadian rhythms
  • Mental strategies and the futility of traditional goal-setting
  • Holistic health and high performance

Workshop Instructors:

Ollie Martin – Performance Director and author of Ski Fitness. Sports scientist, elite athlete and CHEK Practitioner with over 20 years athlete conditioning and 35 years skiing experience.

Stephanie Blaise Masters – BASI ISIA Level 3 Ski Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer with Strength and Conditioning. BSc. Hons. Exercise and Sports Science.

Location: Either onsite at your location or at Takeshape Health, Surrey


Skifitness Presentation £300

Conditioning for Snowsports Athletes £600

Nutrition & Lifestyle for Snowsports Athletes £600

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